Instrumental Music vs Vocal Music



It’s hard to be an instrumentalist

Nowadays, if you’re not a singer / songwriter or rapper, your music just won’t get many plays. Long gone are the days when you could turn on the radio and hear an instrumental song on the top 40. Oh, there are a few exceptions, I guess. If you are a fret board acrobat, you can still get a following. I’m no acrobat or shredder – just an instrumental songwriter.

Yes, I used to write songs with lyrics and I actually sang them. I can carry a tune and even used to sing in choir at church, but I don’t have a soloist’s voice. These days, I just prefer to express myself through my guitars. Maybe one day I’ll get inspired to write some more lyrics to one of my songs. Until then, I’ll let my guitars do my speaking. The question is: “Is anybody listening?”