Are You a Gear Head?


We’re talking about musical gear, of course.  While I don’t claim to be a massive collector of vintage guitars and pedals, I have had a Gear page on this website for quite sometime.  Only recently did I start thinking of adding links to songs that feature all the various pieces of gear listed there.  It turned out to be a lot of fun hunting down specific examples of some of the pieces.  I even had to refer to recording session notes on a few of them in order to figure out which pieces of gear were used. Why don’t you check some of them out? Click here: Gear page.

How do you pronounce Behringer?

I have used Behringer mixers since the late 90s. One of the first mixers I bought from them came with a sample CD. On that CD, Uli Behringer recorded a little intro where he introduced himself AND pronounced the company name using the hard ‘g’ sound, not the ‘j’ sound that most people use. Ironically, I was just on their own website and a guy introduced Uli as Uli BehrinJUR, LOL! I guess he gave up years ago trying to correct folks (the CD was made in 1999). As proof, here is the intro speech by Uli Behringer:

And here is the video I found on their website with the “jur” pronunciation:

So I guess it depends on who you ask. I’d give more credence to the pronunciation by dude for which the company was named.