How do you pronounce Behringer?

I have used Behringer mixers since the late 90s. One of the first mixers I bought from them came with a sample CD. On that CD, Uli Behringer recorded a little intro where he introduced himself AND pronounced the company name using the hard ‘g’ sound, not the ‘j’ sound that most people use. Ironically, I was just on their own website and a guy introduced Uli as Uli BehrinJUR, LOL! I guess he gave up years ago trying to correct folks (the CD was made in 1999). As proof, here is the intro speech by Uli Behringer:

And here is the video I found on their website with the “jur” pronunciation:

So I guess it depends on who you ask. I’d give more credence to the pronunciation by dude for which the company was named.


Which guitar is calling me?

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I haven’t touched a guitar in a week. Seems longer than that, but I know I just recorded a song a week ago (look for “Year’s End” on my RN profile, if you want to hear it). So I’m feeling the urge to play some more. I’ve been on a Strat kick, lately. And I don’t think I’ve touched my Les Paul in months. But it is my Martin acoustic that is calling me back. The Les Paul can wait. I need to re-string it, anyway. But for now, it is time for some acoustic strumming. Maybe I’ll record a new song. Maybe not. I can’t predict when creativity will strike. All I can do is keep a digital recorder handy for when it does.