New song idea

I recorded a new rhythm track on my TASCAM DR-05 yesterday.  While playing it back through some bookshelf monitor speakers, I started working on an ad-lib lead part.  It showed potential, so I recorded this with my Samsung S5 so I wouldn’t forget it.  I plan on developing this more fully.  Yeah, it has a bit of a Santana vibe to it.  The speaking you hear at the beginning was me leaving myself a note about the amp patch & tuning I used on the rhythm track.  The lead was a different patch – a Marshall model (British 80s) that I customized to suite my tastes.  I’m playing through a 100W Fender Mustang III (v1) that sports a Celestion speaker.  Not cranked very loud, as you can still hear the acoustic plinking of my pick on the guitar strings picked up by the camera’s mics.  Again, this is just a few bars of a song idea – I stopped playing when the rhythm track stopped.  This song will be the next one I’ll work on (I have 4 or 5 new ideas already saved on the DR-05).   UPDATE:  The final version of this song is here!