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This is actually a pretty cool app.  When I upload new songs, pictures or post a new blog entry, it automatically gets updated on this app!  You can stream my entire catalog of songs at ReverbNation using this app!  Click the link above, or click the image and scan the QR code using your Android phone.

Note:  You will need to check the settings on your Android device — make sure “unknown sources” are enabled or allowed (I’ve downloaded this app for several artists – it is completely safe).



This song is pretty rare because I rarely do “cover” songs.  For Steve Howe, I’ll make an exception, however!  I actually recorded this on a whim just to see how it sounded.  It is really only a snippet of a song.  I saw a YouTube video where Steve Howe was showing how to play this, so I watched and thought I might be able to pull it off.  This recording was the result.   I believe Würm is the name of a river in Bavaria, Germany.


Ghostly Guru

A weird psychedelic piece. Recorded with the Les Paul through one of my custom Marshall patches on the Fender Mustang III amp. Captured with the Tascam DR-05. The ghostly tabla percussion was added in post using Adobe Audition, along with a lot of other effects (delay, reverb, flanging, cross-panning and multi-band compression). The Les Paul was in DADGAD tuning to give it that creepy growl and “Eastern Mystic” flavor.

B-Roll Video:

Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado), courtesy of the National Park Service.