Heartbleed (2022)

This was originally a demo for my song, “Heartbleed.” It consisted of a Fender Stratocaster rhythm track recorded on a looper pedal and another Strat tack for lead. On this version, I was testing out a Moog Mavis analog synth and a Cre8audio NiftyKEYZ keyboard I bought to extend the Mavis to more than one octave. The Mavis provides the bass and the lead (I decided to omit the Strat lead this time around).


Released September 28, 2022
Guitar & Synth: Joseph R. Ellis
© 2014, 2022 Solid Body Publishing / ascap


Synth Du Jour

This song started as yet another song idea I had from several years ago. I had recorded some guitar chords into my Digitech Trio+pedal and had it create backing drums and bass. It finally got used with the Moog Mavis. This version has my Rickenbacker bass track instead of the Digitech’s bass track.