Have you played your guitar today?

We human beings are funny. Or maybe it is just me. When I’m busy working, I often wish I had more time to play guitar and write music. But when work slows down, I seem to completely lose the desire to play.

Maybe it has to do with priorities. Maybe it has something to do with mental stimulation. All I know is this: I’m looking for a job or at least a new consulting client – and my fretting fingers are rapidly losing their callouses.

I forced myself to pick up my Martin acoustic and strum it a bit yesterday after re-soaking the humidifier device in it. At least performing humidifier maintenance forces me to open the case and look at the guitar. That was the first time I touched any of my guitars since recording a song a month ago.

Creativity is not something that can be forced, but practice (exercise) is. It is requires discipline. That discipline seems to go right out the window when I am looking for work. I’m going to have to try harder to play a guitar at least once a week. Especially while I have plenty of time. So I will try to take a deep breath….relax…and play something! It might even help lower my blood pressure.