Creepy Old House

This was my attempt at a horror soundtrack, more or less. It features a Behringer Poly D on lead with a Moog Mavis / NifyKEYZ keyboard supplying the rhythm sequence while synced to the BeatBuddy pedal drum machine’s MIDI output.


released May 14, 2023
Keyboards: Joseph R. Ellis
Drums: BeatBuddy
©2023 Solid Body Publishing / ascap



This track features the Behringer Poly D analog synth sequencer clocked by a BeatBuddy via midi. The BeatBuddy and Behringer provided the rhythm. The lead was created using a Moog Mavis mounted in a NifyKEYZ Eurorack keyboard enclosure, which was also clocked by the BeatBuddy so the arpeggiator would also be in sync. It was all connected to a Behringer USB mixer and captured live in one performance (no multi-tracking or overdubs).