It’s a Start

*It’s a Start*
Or for those of you with dyslexia, “It’s a Strat.” Also features a Martin on rhythm. The Strat was also used for a semi-rhythm track, doubled. And a Ric 4003 on bass. Drums by BeatBuddy. First song of 2018. Nice to be back at it! I hadn’t touched the Ric in about 8 months, so give me some slack if the bass isn’t as tight as it should be.

©2018 Solid Body Publishing / ascap


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An eclectic mix of styles of original instrumental compositions, including Rock, Surf Rock, Swamp Rock, Acoustic and some that might defy classification. Joe’s arsenal of tools include EBow, Wah, Slide Guitar and Tremolo.


Burke County Blues

This song features an old beat-up Yamaha 12-string acoustic guitar on lead, a Martin DC Aura on Rhythm, a Gibson Les Paul on slide and a Rickenbacker 4003 on bass.

released July 7, 2017
Guitars: Joseph R. Ellis
Bass: Joseph R. Ellis
Drums: BeatBuddy

©2017 Solid Body Publishing / ascap