Which guitar is calling me?

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I haven’t touched a guitar in a week. Seems longer than that, but I know I just recorded a song a week ago (look for “Year’s End” on my RN profile, if you want to hear it). So I’m feeling the urge to play some more. I’ve been on a Strat kick, lately. And I don’t think I’ve touched my Les Paul in months. But it is my Martin acoustic that is calling me back. The Les Paul can wait. I need to re-string it, anyway. But for now, it is time for some acoustic strumming. Maybe I’ll record a new song. Maybe not. I can’t predict when creativity will strike. All I can do is keep a digital recorder handy for when it does.


Year’s End

This song was recorded on December 29, 2014, so “Year’s End” seemed fitting for a working title. Like many of my musical creations, this song started out as a rhythm track on a looper pedal. Unlike many of my previous songs, however, I actually went back and recorded this one in the more normal order (drum track, rhythm track, bass track, lead track). The guitar tracks were created with a 2011 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster. They were recorded via USB using a Fender Mustang III amp. The bass is a 2012 Rickenbacker 4003, recorded via USB using a Zoom B3 Bass Effects / Amp Simulator. The Zoom B3 also provided the drum track.

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