Waikiki Wintertide (Isolated Bass and Drums)

I had so much fun trying to keep up with 181 BPM with my RIC that I decided to make a mix with just the drums and bass. I already had the recording session video, so here’s the bass session with the isolated bass and drums audio mix.

Be sure to watch the full song video, too. It has some nice Strat tones on it!

©2016, 2017 Solid Body Publishing / ascap



Editing out a bad note (tutorial)

An example of how to replace a missed note in a musical recording. I’m using an old version of Adobe Audition here, but this technique can be used in any audio editing software. We’ve come a long way since the days of razor blades and splicing blocks.


Pump House Prelude

A Fender Strat, a Rickenbacker bass and drums (BeatBuddy). Twangy tremolo and wondrous wah for your listening pleasure.

released May 22, 2017
Guitar: Joseph R. Ellis
Bass: Joseph R. Ellis
Drums: BeatBuddy

©2017 Solid Body Publishing / ascap