“Is This A Thing?” (free download)



This song was the result of a creative “stream of consciousness” recording session last November (2013).  It (my Martin DC Aura Custom) was recorded with the TASCAM DR-05 recorder you see pictured above.  After it was recorded, I did some post-processing in Adobe Audition to adjust levels and add reverb, etc.  You might say I was going through an “acoustic phase” at that time.  I do seem to have far more acoustic recordings than electric.  If you like it, feel free to download it by clicking the download link on the widget below:



What a Friend We Have in Jesus (EBow)

This is my own arrangement of the old hymn. It was performed using only a Les Paul guitar with an EBow. It features a rhythm track recorded on a looper pedal. The EBow was used on both the lead and rhythm tracks. The lead track is the simple melody, performed first with the EBow in its normal switch setting, then with its harmonic switch setting. I’d say this is a very different version – give it a listen!


Master of My Domain


No, this post has nothing to do with old Seinfeld episodes. I’m talking about internet domain names. I registered JosephREllis.com in 2013. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it, at first. So I just forwarded it to my LinkedIn profile for awhile. After I signed up for ReverbNation, I decided to forward the domain there. Pretty soon, my profile there seemed to stagnate and almost nobody was listening to my tracks. So, I forwarded my domain to my SoundCloud profile. Now, I know the value of a domain name. I’m in the domain sales and web hosting business, after all. I kept thinking that I should host that domain on my web hosting company’s server and create a site for my music. Yesterday, I finally did it. Using the WordPress blogging platform, I whipped up this site that now gives me a place to consolidate all of my audio tracks, videos and social media links. Plus, it finally gives me a place to use some of the ReverbNation widgets!  This may actually breathe new life into my ReverbNation profile!  What do you think? How important is it for musicians to have their own website?