Eagle Tail Waltz

This song started off with an acoustic rhythm track. I then added a tambourine and egg shaker track and a bass track. I planned on creating an acoustic lead track for it, but it just wasn’t happening. Some songs want to be a certain way and you just have to let the music direct you. This one was telling me it needed a twangy Fender Strat sound with tremolo, so that is what I gave it. Here’s the rundown:

Rhythm guitar:
2012 Martin DC Aura, recorded on a TASCAM DP-006 Pocketstudio using the internal mics.

Rhythm Tech tambourine & Jim Dunlop egg shaker, also recorded on the TASCAM DP-006 using the internal mics.

2012 Rickenbacker 4003 played through a Zoom B3 Bass Effects / Amp Simulator using patch E0 (cto Stomp). Recorded using the TASCAM DP-006 via a line-in jack.

Lead Guitar:
2011 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster recorded via USB with a 2012 Fender Mustang III (v1) amp using my go-to custom patch based on a ’65 Twin Reverb with vintage tremolo, stereo tape delay and small hall reverb.

Mixing / mastering was done using Adobe Audition 3.0.

This song can be purchased here:


The Evolution of a Song


I recently made my 4th recording of this song.  It started off as this crude but promising idea way back in March of 2001:

It didn’t even have a title at that time.  I had another song idea that I had given the title, “Willow Springs.”  But in 2010, I decided to make a more official recording of this piece, and I decided to give that title to the finished product.  This version had two tracks (rhythm and lead):

While the 2nd version was an improvement, it makes me cringe to listen to it now.  Why did I play it so fast???  Anyhow, by 2013 I was starting to get much more serious about writing and recording my music.  Around that time, I thought it would be interesting to record Willow Springs with an electric guitar.  So I created a new version.  This time, in addition to the two guitar tracks, it had a drum track (using drum loops):

Okay, that was interesting.  Fast forward to February 2015.  While testing out some new headphones, I started recording Willow Springs again – this time with my Martin DC Aura.  I was determined to do it right this time, so I added a couple of drum tracks and then re-recorded the guitar parts (the first try got a bit out of sync with the click track).  Then I added a bass track using my Rickenbacker.  This was the result: